Wii Motion Plus Game List For Nintendo Wii

Nintendo released its new Wii MotionPlus accessory. Of course, you will not get this accessory and not playing games. In fact, there are very few games today that are compatible with it. Below is the list of Wii Motion Plus, which runs through some of the software titles that come with new movements based on the fitting.

The Wii MotionPlus accessory placed under the Wii Remote. It connects to the same place to connect the Nunchuk controller. What this unit is that it allows a more accurate and precise movement between the driver and this is reflected on the screen. That said …

This is the list of Wii Motion Plus, which contains some of the games compatible with the device:

• Red Steel 2 – the sequel to the original Red Steel. Provides accurate and precise shot in first person and sword fights. FPS fans will not miss it.

• EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis – High precision and accuracy of the swing of a tennis racket. No excuse for gambling debt, if you cut the tennis ball of Grand Slam.

• Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 – game humor more accurate and realistic experience with the game of golf. Ideal for players who really love to play golf, but do not like the heat.

• Wii Sports Resort – Table tennis sports like fencing, Frisbee, among others, with precise control and accurate. Ideal for anyone who enjoyed Wii Sports.

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